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Pet Surgery at Chili

The Chili team has extensive experience in the field of animal surgery. We follow strict veterinary protocols to ensure the complete safety of your pet, and we use state-of-the art equipment and modern technology to provide a high standard of care for all our pet families.

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Our practice has been a part of the Rochester, NY community for almost 60 years, and many of our clients are multi-generational. Our knowledgeable team has provided advanced veterinary care for a long time, and we are experts at diagnosing and providing treatment for acute and chronic diseases that require surgery.

It’s not easy when your pet has to undergo a surgical procedure, but we are here to support you throughout the process. Rest assured that your beloved companion will be totally safe and comfortable under our care.

We offer the following surgical services:

  • Soft tissue surgery – We perform spay and neuter surgeries, growth and tumor removals, and foreign body removals.
  • Orthopedic surgery – If your pet is suffering from a musculoskeletal ailment, orthopedic surgery can help correct the problem. At Chili, we perform surgeries to heal fractures, sprains, torn ligaments, and degenerative conditions.

We also perform pet oral surgery and tooth extractions. Please see our Dental Care services for more details.

Our veterinary team will carefully monitor your pet before, during, and after surgery. We make sure that your pet recovers under a warm blanket after the procedure and we provide you with detailed information on how to take care of them at home.

To learn more about our pet surgery services, please call us at (585) 889‑2300.